Welcome to Arte D’Italia!

Arte D’Italia Imports is the finest source for wholesale imported Italian pottery and Italian volcanic stone tables. Our buyers are continually searching the Italian countryside for the most interesting new designs and patterns, and we are proud to bring these beautiful pieces to you. We have a huge selection of beautiful and vibrant ceramics from Sicily, as well as the traditional pottery of Umbria and Tuscany. We continue to add new and exciting patterns to our collections. All of our products are made in small workshops where the artisans and their families produce individual works of art.

Our family began importing in 1982 and our goal has always been to import quality handmade and hand-decorated Italian ceramics. We keep a fully stocked warehouse in Santa Barbara, California and usually ship within one week of receipt of order.

You are welcome to view our product line, but please note that you must have an account to see pricing on our website. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Arte D’Italia offers the finest in imported Italian pottery and volcanic tables at discounted prices. The ceramics we import are defined as Majolica. To be considered such, an item must be made of European red clay. After the item dries and is fired the first time, it is dipped in a white, chalky coating over which the design is painted entirely freehand with lead-free mineral glazes; it is then fired again to bring out the colors of the various minerals.